"Katie is an extremely prepared teacher and always does her best to spot your weaknesses and give you personalised exercises to correct these problems. She's also a very friendly and funny teacher to work with which makes everything easier."

 Paolo, Student 

"Thank you Katie for the useful and precise technical elements you taught us in such a brief time. Thank you for being such a patient, welcoming and sunny teacher and person."

Susanna, Student 

Katie is also a vocal and acting coach. If you are interested in private tuition then do contact her via this website.

She graduated The Royal Academy of Music's Musical Theatre course with a Licenciate in teaching for which she received a distinction. Since then she has enjoyed teaching alongside her performing career. 

Katie is passionate about helping unlock people’s voices so they can grow in confidence and reach their full potential. She uses a variety of teaching styles depending on what works best for the individual, combining more technical models like the Estill Voice Training and Belle Canto with imagery and holistic approaches to the voice.

She is part of the Vocal Faculty at ICMP (The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance) in Kilburn, teaching the BMus and short course students. 

Katie gives acting coaching, helping students to connect with text, engage with co actors and the audience. She specialises in acting through song.

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